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Mebendazole is a synthetic drug with a broad spectrum antihelminthic action. The drug causes impaired glucose metabolism in the tissues of the worm, the depletion of glycogen stores in them and inhibits the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – energy source for the worms. All these changes irreversible lead to the death of the parasite. The drug in the intestine almost not absorbed. Distributed in the tissue unevenly accumulates in higher concentrations in the liver, adipose tissue and the larvae of worms. Excreted through the intestine (90%) and kidneys (10%). Mebendazole is taken in doses assigned regardless of the meal. The medication should be taken with water in small quantities. During treatment advised to avoid fatty food. Alcoholic drinks should be banned during the day after taking the drug. In the treatment of Mebendazole laxative to take is not necessary. Control tests to assess the effectiveness of the treatment 7 days after completion of the course: a scraping from perianal area (around the anus) and the analysis of a feces on eggs of worms. The absence of helminth eggs evidence of the effectiveness of the treatment. To avoid reinfection it is necessary to carry out reorganization of all family members at the same time. If the apartment has Pets (cats or dogs), then animals would also be treated by the prescription of vet.

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